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Feasibility Study

  • Local Market Analyse: Initial information is supplied by the client. Competitors, local market prices , salaries energy rates. Public behaviuor and habits will be surveyed. Competitor advantages and disadvantages will be analyse. These information and studies will enable us to establish a profitable project. Park size and ride&attraction will be determined according to local market analyse.
  • Park size, ride & attraction kind, size and number, yearly potential attendance number.
  • Constructing budget: Yearly operational income and expense.
  • Investment budget: It includes ride&attraction cost, installation of the rides, theiming decoration budget and ticket system budget,marketing cost for opening.
  • Operational Income Budget: Estimating yearly potential client number, operating incomes from the gate ticket and or from ride usage, incomes from F&B and Merchandising sponshorship income.
  • Operational Expense Budget: Organization chart, number of staff, payroll, energy expense, spares, consumables, marketing expense.
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    Master Planning

  • Floor plans 1/100 scaled colourful. Ride & attraction, F&B, Services, walkway's position.
  • Choosing succesfull ride&attractions considering local market habits and creating proper ride&attraction selection.
  • Perspectives which show theme.
  • Custom ride layout design according to custom space such as roller coaster monorail flume ride.
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  • Unique custom design rides , facade, columns, walls, kiosk.
  • Creating theme from local culture.
  • Flying theater attraction development.
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    Detailed Drawings

  • Architectural drawings. Showing all detail of the park.
  • Creating real 3D of the park.
  • Ride&attraction purchasing consultancy. Preparing specification and contract of the equipment.
  • Checking ride manufacturing process and installations.
  • Detailed theme drawings.
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    Management Consultant

  • Establishing management plan and maintenance plan.
  • Ride and park inspection. Operation team training.
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    Turn Key service

  • Feasibility study.
  • Master planning.
  • Detailed drawings.
  • Project coordination between construction, electrical, mechanical, decoration and ride setup during construction.
  • Hiring proper staff and training.
  • Making ready the park into operation with all its functions.
  • Organizing grand opening.