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Nuri Kaçal

FEC - Amusement Park Design & Consultation

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Who we are?

ANM GROUP INTERNATIONAL founded by the team who has experiences over 19 years in the sector of international amusement parks theme parks, FEC as one of the member of IAAPA.
Our profession is making themed park and themed rides. Our company giving design and consultancy services for Park & FEC and also shopping centre & cinema.

Founders have been starting to work in this business with TATILYA theme park during the constructing time on 1995. We had been responsible of Technical and operational director and was trained by American institution during the operating of Tatilya. We have gained experience about the custom behaviour / selection and many other issues for successful operation. ANM Group was founded on 2003 by the mission of create right project and expand this business Turkey and surrounding countries using our know - how which gained over 15 years in this sector. The first project was in Turkmenistan. The project made by ANM Group won the election against to some international companies project. It was approved and selected by the President of Turkmenistan. The company implemented many projects in Turkey, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Ukrain, Azerbaijan, Nigeria to amusement industry.

International community

We are the member of IAAPA(www.iaapa.org)and NAARSO(www.naarso.com). IAAPA is major association in leisure and amusement industry. Every manufacturers designers parks are member of this association and share knowledge together in order to give safe and fun service for customer. NAARSO(usa) is association of teaching Amusement ride and safety system and training people who will be safety inspector for amusement rides. One of our founder holding certification of this association. He is one of few safety inspector in Europe.


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