Flying Experience
The Noah's Ark
ANM Group has over 23 years experience in amusement industry; designing,developing theme parks-FEC’s-special attractions-dark rides and specialized consulting services.
Dof Robotics Inc. produce fastest and most dynamic Simulation platforms of Amusement Industry. Company develop Flying Theaters, Dark Rides, Immersive tunnels, Panoramic Theaters, Dome Theaters, 4D Theaters, VR and AR based attraction, Interactive simulations, Interactive Games and other customized type of Simulation Rides for Amusement and Simulation Industries.

These companies have now presenting to a new product to the market with patent pending concept; ‘‘Flying Experience’’ It is the next generation of the “Flying Theater” attraction, This concept starting with the world’s best known story ;
The Ark Experience- Unique theming from "The Noah’s Ark’’ legend;
An original story concept based on the ‘‘The legend of the Noah’s Ark and saving animals’’ from the queue area, pre-show ,the main show.
The guests will feel like a flying dove in the legend
It is not only flying theater experience, there is a real legend for to know and live
It contains a next generation of “Flying Theater” with projections, and physical theming with animatronics
Guests will enter The ARK as they know from the stories, They will explore the ambience with the animal couples during waiting at queue lines, Apparently the rain is starting at the outside and the Ark is mysteriously going up and swimming!.. Could it be real?

All continents and many archaeological works providing; ‘‘The Flood happened in the World’’. Everybody know this legend, Somebodys saying that; it is connecting by the religion, somebody believes it happened because of the climate changed of the World /age changing.

We focused; there is a legend and it comes from the thousand years ago, and the Peoples could be understand and feeling the story with our objective point of view. We dreamed the guests will feel and the fly like ‘the dove’’ who is the best known actor of the story. We will give this senses with special theming , special movie and with next generation of the flying theater
There are several different concepts available at the moment;
The Ark Experience; Unique theming from "The Noah’s Ark’’ legend, you will be the part of the legend
The Pirate Experience; Join the team of the undefeated pirate
Titanic Experience: The world's best-known ship Titanic, and the unforgettable story
The UFO Experience: To establish the first real contact with strangers from other planets
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